Project Description

Sealant is a substance used to block the passage of fluids through the surface or joints or openings in materials, a type of mechanical seal. In building construction, sealant is sometimes synonymous with caulking and also serve the purposes of blocking dust, sound and heat transmission.


  • Certified green.
  • First hybrid sealant in the Philippines.
  • ISO certified.
  • High-strength adhesive property.
  • Neutral odor.
  • International brand (biggest in Asia).
  • Variety of colors to choose from.
  • Best for automotive and architectural.
  • Anti-fungal.
  • Anti-bacterial.
  • Waterproof
  • High-Temperature.
Available Colors Description Skin Over Time Appearance Tack-Free Time Shelf Life
Fix & Seal Sausage Type (400/600 ml) Black 10 minutes Non-sagging paste 20 minutes 15 months

Excellent adhesion to glass, pin hole repairs, masonry joints, metals, tiles, wood, concrete and other building materials.

Confined work areas that require less order, general sealant, and waterproofing, general construction, glazing, vinyl, aluminum, and metal siding, metal building, and portable housing application.

Excellent adhesion to glass, car front windshield bonding, glass fixing and sealing application.

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